As a traveler myself I am always looking for new places to visit. New lands to explore, new panoramas to see. The life of a traveler is full of surprises and lessons. Above all living on the road is feeling free to go where the wind whispers, where the sea and the mountains collide in the most breathtaking scenes. Because we were born to explore!

Traveling can be the key to major self-improvements thus leading to a better place in life.

Let’s talk about the benefits of traveling and why should you even travel when you have internet?

Feeling nature is not the same as looking at it behind the screen of your phone or your laptop. However When you travel you start to feel a connection with mother earth. You go back to the source to replenish your energy, and swim in the lofi and chill vibes that nature provides.

Humans long before the civilizations that we know today were used to traveling. And above all exploring new places and reaching for the end of the land. We were more connected to our roots than we are now. The funny thing is that if not for our traveler ancestors we may even not know earth as we know it today.

Traveling is also meeting new people consequently opening up to new cultures, new habits and new ways of living, it creates a new doorway in our minds and a new way of looking at the world, because you are picturing it through another culture, you learn to see things from different perspectives, which means that you will always have new ideas, creativity will increase.

 Your social adaptability will improve. See while you were struggling to start conversations for example, you will be extroverted by nature and would be more open to discussion. In other words you will be the one to start those conversations. Because your life is a story worth sharing with others. Learn from others and teach them in return.

Travel because You are not a rock, have that urge to move constantly and avoid redundancy. Have the courage to accept change. Even a rock could move with wind. Well then my friend let your wind take you to the ends of earth, dream big or go home. A traveler is an explorer, a visionary, and above all educated soul a straight mind and a strong body.