Sometimes, I just find myself glancing at the celling of my room. While I am supposed to be sleeping, thoughts just keep banging inside of my head. And the more I try to calm my mind the more it gets worst.

Insomnia is not fun, and it can make your nights extremly long. You will understand what I’m talking about once you have experienced it at least once, think of those who live with it, the “no sleep army”, “the zombie clan”.

Insomnia comes from the disturbances or the irregularities that we experience in our daily life. Whether it’s a homework, a professional task or just a minor personal problem, insomnia will slip like slime and make home in your mind.

Many factors help increase the probability of being insomniac, first there is the overthinking.

Overthinking something does no good. It does not just tire the brain, but the deeper you dive in a thougt, the more you will find yourself losing sleep over it. The veins in your brain will pump so much blood that you will feel it running through your eyes. All of that because you are making your cells work more than they are supposed to. Getting agitated in moving sand does not help, well it’s the same thing with overthinking.

From another angle, the daily stress could also be a cause of insomnia. Over tiring the body putts the brain in a state of major alert, because when your body is aching. Your brain is receiving all those signals at once. Not to forget the psychological impact that it has on people. At some point you start bleeding sleep physically and mentally.

Insomnia can make your nights very long!

There is also the factor of the person’s nature itself. Strong minded people don’t have the same reaction towards this kind of situations as the weak minded people do.

A strong will and an adjustable mind could be keys to overcoming your problems and stress. Hence reducing the possibility of having insomnia