Mother, father and siblings, No one can deny his love for his family, and his commitment towards it and the responsibility we feel for them.

I always give examples from nature, because nature is the origin, for instance take a pack of Lions. First there is the Alpha, the one who leads the pack and is in charge of the security of every and each one of his pack members. Then there is the mother who takes care of feeding and supervising the rest of the pack members. So I guess that you get the picture. A pack is a family. MOTHER, FATHER AND SIBLINGS, THE FAMILY BOND, IS THE STRONGEST THING YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE.

You open your eyes to see your mother. She had barren you for nine months, and so your day finally came and you were here. The look on your father’s face is priceless, mixed emotions float in the air because we have a new comer to this world. while Your journey begins with a cry that shakes the room at the hospital, everybody is happy that “You are alive”.

Year after year we grow up, and from a child to an adult, we learn how to live, and we learn how the world works, but in many cases we forget our families in order to focus on our future. Well that isn’t the right thing or the right way to think or act, because if you say to   yourself “they are family and they won’t go anywhere” I guarantee you that you will even forget the concept of family, subsequently ending up alone in the scariest way. Would you like that to happen to you?

This article is to remind you of the importance that lies in the family bonds,because we are nothing without them.

An empty shell is worth nothing, so don’t be one.

A mother is a confidant, a source of warmth, and an unconditional love generator. A father is a protector and a guide through the journey of life. Siblings represent all the fun of life, the sharing and the common dreams.

Every one of your family members gave you so much of their time just so you can grow into the person you are today, while there is nothing more important than time, they gave it to you without asking, they helped, they cared and they accompanied you along the way. The least you can do is admit to yourself that if not for those people you may not be where you are at this moment.

Family don’t ask to be repaid, therefore all you have to do is love them back, care for them, and help them when they need it most. Don’t be an ungrateful son/daughter, so never forget where you came from.

No matter how high a tree goes, it always remains strongest at the roots, so hold on to your roots and flourish into something stunning and beautiful.