Travelling is great. But what’s more interesting than traveling?

Well let me tell you my friend, I’m talking about ” GROUP, TRAVEL and friends “. You already have the squad, your friends together! Why don’t you travel together. A group is always better.

Sharing is caring, and if we don’t share then what’s the point of living? The concept of traveling engulfs the love, the warmth, the beauty and the power of the human bond with his pears and nature. The universe is already sharing with us everything, and it’s on us to share it with others.

I’m not going to get into more details on why you should go on a group trip, because it must be obvious by now. What I’m going to do is give you all some tips on how to plan a group trip, the steps to ensure that your travels go as perfectly as possible.

From the choice of destination to the clothes you are bringing with you, you will find what you are looking for bellow:

Plan the trip 6 to 9 months ahead:

Good planning makes good travels, from the budget to the availability, everything can vary from a friend to another. So that is why you should plan way ahead.

Agree with everyone on a Destination:

In many cases the choice of a Destination can be very difficult, because there are so many places to go and countries to see. But the important thing is to remember that this is a group trip, and everybody should be happy with the place they are going to visit.

 Calculate the “FULL BUDGET”:

Whether it’s the cost of the plane, the hotel or even the food, money can sometimes be a drag, that’s why good math can make life easier. Analyze and calculate everything where you may have to spend money, add it up and leave room for an urgency budget.


Get in shape before traveling:

Some of you like to go and sleep under the stars, away from the city’s noise. Well some of the natural sites can be harsh sometimes and difficult to cope with, but when in a good shape and great health it becomes easier to deal with the changing climates and environments. Explore the land and run free on top of mountains.